Outsourced IT

Server Monitoring & Maintenance

Just like any complex system such a car or the human body, the whole can only perform well if all the parts are functioning properly. Effective monitoring and maintenance are crucial to protect your server infrastructure investment and make full use of its capabilities.

Monitoring constantly checks the state of the various subsystems (such as backups and disk space) and if a problem is found an alert is sent to Core3 and displayed on our monitoring dashboard.
Maintenance is a scheduled set of tasks which keep the system operating at its best, similar to regular car servicing.

Core3 server maintenance packages:

Basic maintenance
This is best suited to small businesses or "light use" servers. A full suite of monitoring checks and maintenance tasks are covered in the monthly fee, but if any rectification work is required a cost estimate is provided for approval.

Full server management
This is the same as basic maintenance, but any additional rectification work is included in the monthly fee, including after hours work.

User Support

Core3's Helpdesk can provide remote user support via email or telephone using remote control assistance, it can also arrange onsite support. Remote control software allows our technicians to see your screen (with your permission) so we can try to resolve the problem on the spot. For situations when this isn't suitable our technicians will come to your office.

Level 2 & 3 support

Even IT departments need help from time to time. Core3 can help take the pressure off your IT department, whether it's to help with specific projects, overflow support, or assistance with specialised technologies such as:

  • Windows Server
  • Microsoft Small Business Server
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003, 2007, 2010
  • Active Directory
  • Microsoft Hyper-V virtualisation
  • Cisco
  • Quest vWorkspace
  • Disaster Recovery solutions

Special Projects

Core3 has helped many businesses with specific IT projects over the years - for example:

  • Office relocations
  • New server installations
  • Server migrations
  • Virtualisation
  • Connecting branch offices to head office (wide area networks)

Where sufficient information can be provided for the project scope, Core3 will offer a fixed price quote to complete the job.

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