Hosted Desktop

A Hosted Desktop is a familiar Windows desktop environment which is hosted and managed by Core3.  This means that you applications and data are not tied to the PC you are sitting at, as a result you can potentially access your work environment from anywhere in the world.

Traditionally a business will buy one or more servers, plus PCs and software licences and then pay to maintain and upgrade them as required. In some businesses this is still the best option and many Core3 clients are using our Outsourced IT Services for this situation. However for many a Hosted Desktop provides more features and flexibility and includes all necessary Microsoft licenses. The monthly fees are based on the number of users so your IT costs scale up and down with your workforce. Also the life of your existing PCs is greatly extended as they are no longer running intense applications and therefore essentially become dumb terminals.

Benefits include

  • Affordable Enterprise IT for small to medium businesses
  • Removal of physical barriers so remote workers and branch offices can access the same programs and data as head office
  • A consistent & reliable IT system for all your staff
  • The latest Microsoft business applications are included in the service
  • No more payments to Microsoft for upgrades
  • Affordable monthly pricing with no surprises
  • A truly scalable solution from 1 user up
  • Data is secure and backed up
  • Extended life of PCs
  • Quick and effective support via email, phone and remote control
  • Hassle-free IT
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